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As a real estate agent for over 4 years now, my real estate investing background drew me to being an agent and lends a deeper level of expertise to my clients. Above all of that is my passion for helping people. I believe everyone should be able to realize their dreams, and for a lot of people that dream is home ownership. My passion is for helping others, so you can pursue your passions  to the fullest. I have helped many people in my time as an agent, and I'd love to help you too!

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March Podcast Transcript

00:14hi everyone I'm Nate hi America00:17I'm collar thanks for watching our show00:20today so today we're gonna be talking00:22about all the new homes that are being00:24built in Brighton and the

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Whats Great In Brighton Episode 2 month we were talking about New Home Builders here in Brighton.   Also we are bringing in our friend Dr Ryan from ChiroNow.Check out our montly Podcast on

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Nates Intro Video in and visit with me. I will buy you.

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Whats Great In Brighton Episode 1 introduction to the Brighton area.  Come in and visit us at 227 N Main St,  Brighton CO

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